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Our converter is the most simple and easy to use. You can a convert from youtube to mp3 in just four steps

  1.  Just take any youtube video link and paste it in the bar
  2.  click on convert
  3.  After clicking, click on convert and download button
  4.  Now click on download Mp3, it may open a new tab.
  5.  Just close that tab and again click download Mp3 button, and it will start downloading

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from youtube to mp3

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from youtube to mp3


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 Why Does it open a new tab?

It opens a new tab , because we use a proxy for safety purposes as in some countries it is not allowed to convert from youtube to mp3, so to protect your location and IP we use a proxy, i know it is a little bit annoying , but believe me it hardly takes only 2 seconds to close the Tab

Why is there a need to convert from Youtube to Mp3?

As youtube is the second largest site in the world , with billions of users from around the world, As everything is available on youtube, but sometimes we only want the audio not the video, that is where the need of conversion comes in, mostly videos that people want to convert are music videos, lectures and many more

Is conversion of youtube to mp3 legal?

YOUTUBE has become an incredibly popular website for music fans to listen to the latest tracks and many convert audio from a YouTube video to MP3 for download. The trend has received many checks in recent years, but is it legal? Could you be fined for using a YouTube converter?

As youtube have banned many sites like this such as, and many others. Which shows that youtube doesn’t like its videos to get converted into mp3, but as today it is a need of almost every person so it might be not allowed but most of the websites are doing it, but by using our converter you are 100 percent safe as we use high level proxies, which cant be detected, so do feel free to use our converter and any time.

So don’t worry it is not illegal , but that also doesn,t mean that it is illegal, you must be thinking that i am crazy , but thats how it actually is , there are thousands of websites doing this , which are working freely without even using a proxy. so it is kind of in between type of  a thing

But always remeber that our converter is totally safe and cannot be shut down.

Information about our Download MP3 buttons

Here’s how our website works … There are services that provide YouTube to mp3 conversion if you place the button on the site. Any click on these buttons will produce pop-ups and malware installations. Well, if the iframe option is available, HTML5 allows you to prevent that iframe from creating pop-ups or doing anything outside the scope of actions needed to “work”. So if said iframe does not need a pop-up window for its essential functioning, such pop-ups will not be allowed. Thanks, developers and HTML5 people! =)

However, this HTML5 Iframe Sandbox feature makes it substantially harmless to click on all the previous buttons. Without it, each of the buttons we show will generate a pop-up window with ads or malware. But we disinfect it with HTML5, which means that if your browser supports it, HTML5 will tell the browser not to allow pop-ups. This functionality is actually better than running adblock (the latter fights against the browser to hide the ads, while the former simply tells the browser not to show them in the first place).

That’s why all our DownloadMP3  buttons are safe to click, tap or press. 100% without guaranteed pop-ups. The download will begin after 1 click on the button. Sometimes, the buttons show an indication of the progress of the YouTube audio download and conversion process (for longer or newer videos). All of our buttons come from different sites and services, some may not work sometimes and DMCA blocks them. Well, just use the other buttons. The possibility of everything being blocked is very small.

When you convert YouTube to MP3, do they lose any sound quality?

Yes, technically, but generally it is not enough to realize it.

There are 2 groups of audio file formats:

  1. No loss, where there is no change or degradation in sound quality
  2. Loss, in which some aspects of the sound can be lost.

MP3 is considered a lost format.

The audio level of the YouTube video is in AAC format embedded in M4A format.Therefore, converting AAC to MP3 is a loss-by-definition process.

However, in most cases this is not a big deal. Most conversion processes will do a good job in converting, but technically there may be aspects of the lost data, but in most cases you won’t be able to tell the difference.

But with our converter you get the highest sound quality of the audio and no sound would be lost.

Is youtube to mp3 safe?

Some of the misconceptions are out there, that if you convert any youtube video into an mp3 you will be fined or get caught, these are all big rumors, as discussed above it is not illegal. As youtube also knows that millions of people listen to music, but always can’t have access to youtube all the time.

The thing youtube hates it that if anyone converts their videos in more than one formats. As some websites offer conversion into mp4, AAV, AVI, .FLAc, .OGG, .MOV, .WMV and many more. So feel free to convert from youtube to mp3 without any fear

What is the difference between Mp3 and Mp4

Sound is one of the many motivators of our day, whether it’s that song that guides it through an additional representative in the gym or that podcast that likes to relax after a long day of work. As sound has continued to evolve, digital file formats also have.

Although not the only file format, the term MP3 has become synonymous with digital music in the same way that Google has become synonymous with web search. Not surprisingly, since the file format is now over 20 years old. At that time, it was surpassed by other file formats, one of which is MP4. But although the 3 to 4 increase in the name suggests that an MP4 is simply the next generation of MP3s, there is more.

Is an MP4 file better than an MP3? Should You Stop Using MP3? And what exactly are the differences anyway? All excellent questions, which we will try to answer using as few talkers as possible.

What is an MP3?

Before we can deal with the differences between MP3 and MP4, let’s quickly summarize what an MP3 file is and how it is used. MP3 is a short format for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. It was developed to provide us with a way to store audio information digitally, but with a smaller file size than the format used by CDs at the time.

MP3s do this using a psychological trick: they start by taking an original uncompressed digital audio file (like a track on a CD) and then selectively deleting fragments of data in a way that the human ear is unlikely to notice. It is a process known as “lossy compression” and is the same trick used by JPEG files to reduce the size of photos without affecting the key details that make it look as beautiful as the original. The same goes for MP3 files:

Although they take up only about a tenth the size of the memory as an audio CD track, most people consider it an acceptable listening experience.

Are all MP3s the same?

No, and the differences can be significant. When you create an MP3 from a source, CD or even vinyl. Choose a bit rate and a sampling frequency: these two values ​​will determine how big your MP3 will be in terms of file size, but above all, how well, it will sound compared to the source you are using. Most MP3s are created with a sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz, especially if converted from a CD, because it is the same sampling frequency used to create the audio of the CD.

The bit rate, on the other hand, can be set from 8 kbps to 320 kbps. The difference between these two is enormous: at 8 kbps your music will sound a little better than an AM radio with poor reception. At 320 kbps, most people will find it impossible to distinguish between an MP3 and a CD. If file size is a big consideration, as it was when MP3 became popular, it can be output with only 128 kbps before sound degradation is evident.

At the beginning of the MP3 format 128 kbps were preferred because it was compatible with the largest number of MP3 playback devices such as the iPod, but today it would be rare to find a digital music player that is not able to handle all MP3 bit rates , also VBR (or variable bit rate) MP3 which use different speeds during different parts of the music track when the complexity of the sounds increases or decreases.

What is an MP4?

MP4 is an abbreviated form of MPEG-4 Part 14. Unlike MP3, which is used exclusively for audio, an MP4 is a container file which can be used to store audio, video or other data as subtitles. This makes it a little tricky to know exactly what an MP4 is. If you find one called “Rocky.mp4”, is it the movie Rocky or is it the main song of the movie? Or is it something else?

To reduce confusion, Apple has decided to start using the .m4a extension for MP4 files that contain only audio, while sometimes .m4v is used to indicate that it is a video. But since these are conventions, not rules, the only real way to know is to try to open the file using an MP4 compatible media player or examine the contents of the file.

But what does this have to do with MP3s? An MP3 is both a file format and a codec, which means that it can only handle audio using the lossy compression described above. Since MP4 files are containers, you can choose between different audio codecs according to your needs. Typically, people will use the Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) codec.

It’s a lossy compression codec like MP3, with the same bit rate options for quality, but it does a better job of preserving the details and nuances of music with the same file size as an MP3. However, Apple’s high resolution lossless audio codec, ALAC, is also an option for MP4 files, which retains all the details of a CD or vinyl album, keeping file sizes smaller than the original, which makes it a good choice for storing music.

Which one is better?

Most experts say that an AAC-encoded MP4 audio file sounds better than an MP3 of similar size. This makes sense because AAC is a newer compression technology. However, you should consider where and how you intend to play your music files.

There are still people clinging to some rather old portable music players that still work well, but may not be compatible with the MP4 / AAC format. An MP3 file is practically guaranteed to work on any device that plays digital music. It’s also worth noting that at 320 kbps, an MP3 will likely sound identical to a 320 kbps MP4 / AAC.

If, as we have previously suggested, your intention is to store your digital or analog music, an MP4 with ALAC is much higher than MP3. As a lossless format, ALAC not only retains all the details of its source material, but also allows you to create MP3 (or MP4 / AAC) at any time, if you need a smaller, portable version.

The same is not true on the contrary: once an MP3 is created (and, therefore, parts of the original audio information are eliminated in the compression process), it is not possible to recover it by converting it to MP4 / ALAC. This creates a larger file with the same quality as the MP3.

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