-Does your converter also convert Youtube videos into Mp4?
No currently our converter only converts youtube videos into mp3, but we will soon ad the Mp4 option as well

-Is it safe to use your converter?
Our converter is 100% safe to use, and is protected from all kind of viruses.Feel safe to download anything from our website.

-Why does it open a new tab before downloading?
As the youtube doesn’t allow to convert these files, so we use a proxy that leds to another window, Just click on the download
button two or three times and will start to download.

-Is Your Converter Free?
Yes our youtube to mp3 converter is totally free to use, and doesn’t need and license or registration

-What if the converter gets stuck while converting from youtube to mp3?
If it gets stuck, just clear your browser cache and reload the website, if will start working clearly fine.

-What makes your youtube to mp3 converter different from other?
Our converter is the fastest from all the other, and easy to use

-On which devices does your converter work?
our converter works on every device, but can’t download it on iphones or mac, for that you need to have dropbox.

-OF how long duration videos can it convert?
It can convert any video, no matter how long they are, but we recommend that do convert videos less than an hour.